von Scaramouche — HEIDI TAILLEFER - Venus Envy


Edition / Édition: 40 copies
Signed and Numbered / Signé et numéroté
Technique: Offset lithography / Lithographie offset
Paper / Papier: Medium stock 100lb Signature paper
Paper size / Dimension du papier: 19 x 25 inches/pouces
Image size / Dimension de l'image: 17 x 23 inches/pouces


As per Heidi: "The painting Venus Envy is a work emphasizing the beauty and potency of women and motherhood. The name “Venus Envy” is a play on words of the Freudian Penis Envy, and implies the enviable female advantage of being the carrier of new life. With the predominance of taboos and limitations against women in so many cultures throughout the world, the piece exposes with pride and irreverence, female characteristics, whether beautiful or unsettling. It is an attempt to absolve women of their generally complex nature, and free them from harsh social standards foisted upon their physical, social, and spiritual selves. It also explores the sensuality of pregnancy, and the mystical and intimidating power with which it was once regarded."


Heidi Taillefer's work is an original creative fusion of classical figurative painting, surrealism, contemporary realism, and mythology combined with popular figurative traditions ranging from victorian romanticism to science fiction. her artwork is consonant with some early 20th century surrealists, such as Max Ernst and Giorgio DeCirico.

Taillefer addresses eternal issues on the human condition borrowing from mythologies throughout different eras and cultures, through the lens and language of mechanism, mirroring the ubiquity of technological advancement in the world.

In her work she attempts to marry primordial human essence with the explosive expansion of the machine, as a new paradigm looms close on the horizon and promises a redefinition of what it means to be human.

  • Image of HEIDI TAILLEFER - Venus Envy
  • Image of HEIDI TAILLEFER - Venus Envy
  • Image of HEIDI TAILLEFER - Venus Envy