von Scaramouche — SATURNO BUTTO - The Sisters


Edition / Édition: 50
Signed & Numbered / Signé et Numéroté
Technique: Giclée
Paper / Papier: Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl
Ink / Encre: Ultrachrome HDR Archival Inks
Image Size / Taille de l'image: 18 x 18 inches/pouces
Paper Size / Taille de la feuille: 22 x 22 inches/pouces
Year / Année: 2011
Printed at / Imprimé chez: Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

About The Sisters

In his painting, The Sisters, Butto portrays two real-life siblings as allegories of their core desires. A black leather mask and a wreath of white flowers once again play on the theme of contrast, leading us to believe one sister is a deviant and the other an innocent. A closer look at the wreathed sister's defiant expression and the masked sister's demure gown reveals that they have more in common than is initially apparent, with a skull emphasizing their common fate. The viewer is left with a choice: to perceive The Sisters as a grim testament to mortality, as an encouraging reminder to indulge during the brief time we have, or perhaps as something else entirely – art's meaning is, as always, in the eye of the beholder.

- Zoetica Ebb


  • Image of SATURNO BUTTO - The Sisters
  • Image of SATURNO BUTTO - The Sisters
  • Image of SATURNO BUTTO - The Sisters